Davi Wornel is a singer who draws its origins from the Christian Music Contemporary and the Gospel to successively succeed to the genre Pop Rock, Soul and Latin

From an early age is distinguished by its deep artistic inclination and talent for music. Eight years after participating in the smash musical tribute to Albano and Romina “Il Ballo del Qua Qua” which shows talent in singing and dancing. Following Federica Ferrero, founder of the National Academy of Dance in Rome, she embarks on modern dance.

Since 1996, he began his art with a group of friends until 2000, the year in which he moved to Rome where he attended courses in singing, followed by Elizabeth Sabine, who calls it a “Powerfull Sincerity Voice”, American teacher of modern singing of the biggest international rock star (eg. Giant Band (Dan Huff), Michael Sweet (Styper), Lizzy Borden, Love / Hate, Megadeth (Dave Mustaine), Guns N ‘Roses (Axl Rose), Michael Jackson and Tina Turner, etc.

Davi Wornel is considered one of the most interesting voices in the international music scene and in the recent past there have been numerous articles, magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Edicion G (Argentina), Hola (Mexico) Il Tempo ,Il Domani, Fama (Latin America), La Piana, Gazzetta del Sud, Il Quotidiano, Leben (Germany), that highlight the art and image of Davi Wornel


And ‘the year of its official debut. He recorded his first album “UNO CONTIGO” produced by Joshua W Hernandez. The formation of Davi Wornel is evident in this first album especially with two songs: “El Centurion” and “Ahora estoy en ti.” With the stage name Davi Wornel, having achieved fame as part of the Gospel and Christian Music with “El Centurion”, he writes, “Llamame” by which it reaches its value is recognized internationally thanks to the passage of a single on the radio not only in Latin America. The curious and elegant cover of the album “UNO CONTIGO” is curated by George Estrada, curator of the look of Ricky Martin, Anastacia and Michael Bolton. In the same year he took part in the Grand Concert in Las Vegas, with the single “Llamame”. He collaborates with the author Kike Santander (composer of songs for artists such as Yuri, Soraya, Luis Miguel), who authored the song “Yo Te amare”. And ‘special guest in one of the most important events in Christian Music held in Spain the “ROCA FUERTE MUSIC”. This participation allows him to make known the flow of faith and passion that flows through his heart.


He recorded the second album “TIEMPO DE GLORIA” produced by Abraham Bannister. This year, Davi Wornel is dedicated to making known the Christian music in Italy and in Europe. He made his debut in Spain and Germany with the song “Solo l’amore”. This is the year of the confirmation of its success. Davi’s new single “Nascosto in Te” reach second place in the Spanish and French radio, the absolute top of the European ranking and the fourth in the English Christian music, which still appears to be the highest position ever achieved by a solo singer Italian Christian Music in Europe. 2006 is a crucial year in terms of promotion in which Davi Wornel won the hearts of millions of people, His songs have reached the top of many nell’airplay radio in both the US and Latin America.

This year he was awarded the “Festival Roca Fuerte” with the “Best Performing Christian Music Artists”


Davi Wornel launched the record ” NO TE CAMBIARIA ” a particular job only in Latin America has achieved great sales results. In the same year as special guest, Davi Wornel with Lucia Mendez was invited to Hollywood by the Association Umanity with the song ” Bendice tu enemigo ” written with Frank Marcos and arranged by singer-songwriter Gustavo Lima Latin American former leader of the “Los Iracundos “2007 is also participating for the first time to the Latin American TELEMARATON with her second single ” El Centurion “, starting in the category of “New Proposals”, reaching the finals. After Expolit at the Miami Festival, the Tour Davi Wornel in Latin America : Argentina, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico. In October Davi was contacted by Daniel Goodman for the production of the single “O Happy Day” for the compilation “The Mercy Project- Christmas -2007”; building on its success, Davi Wornel continued his career with determination and courage, concerts, events, promotional commitments and awards both in Italy and abroad. It ‘was awarded to Los Angeles Award ,Millennium Award; Reggio Calabria Award


Given the major findings in the Latin world, a little later, Davi Wornel comes in another style even more impressive, in fact, this year the United States has received several invitations to events live television programs, on May 23 he was invited by Gary Norman – New York as a special guest in the Family Christian Network.


He spends a lot of traveling to events supporting humanitarian background and was invited for a summer tour in China and Japan, but for professional reasons Davi Wornel waiver. Since June 2009, Davi Wornel stop any activity to reflect and meditate at the same time receiving various proposals from ‘Latin America, interesting duets, live events, etc. … but refuses because the projects were Davi Wornel others. As he said in the monthly Fame latin america: “I love art, but I want it always God to direct my life and my choices, I hear that he is calling me elsewhere” .The July 20 of the same year he was awarded in Miami with International award “Los mejores de Los extranjero en Latin America”


Thanks to the Mexican producer Mario Quintero Jr., Davi Wornel had proposed to the public with the Latin Single “Amor y nada mas” a song Pop Dance came to the top of the radio charts of Christian music, the “Latin Grammy Nominated-Christian Music”. The single reached 3rd place in the Ranks of the south American radio in the same year were honored at the Latin Grammy Enrique Iglesias, Marco Antonio Solis, Shakira, Lucia Mendez. And thanks to the single “Amor y Nada Mas” Davi Wornel is also invited and honored at the “Best Performing International- Christian Music Festival “- Los Angeles. In the same year he returned to Italy and announced a pause for reflection promising to return soon to the music scene with a surprise Cd. Despite the announced hiatus where the artist wanted to devote himself to family, loved ones, core values for the artist.


Comes the long awaited single in English and Spanish, “Praise Ye The Lord – Gloria al Senor” a song by the American rock style in a duet with John Schlitt legendary voice of the famous band “Head East” and then the official voice of the famous rock band “Petra ” considered the best Rock group of Christian Music, winners of 10 awards awards eleven Doves, two-disc Platinum and three gold. In a short time the singles ranks high in the hit American Christian Music, in places like Nashville, New York, Miami, Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Honduras and Argentina and so on.


Thanks to a meeting with the leader of the Take Six “Claude Mcknight” there was a strong friendship between the two who in a short time lead them to make a duet piece. Davi feat Claude Mcknight -Up Where We Belong, is the soundtrack of the movie “Official Gentleman”. From original and unreleased vocal tones, Claude McKnight’s first featured performance is performed without the involvement of the Take Six.


Davi Wornel has embarked on a journey that has led to the creation of the new album “A tu lado”, a Latin pop song with which he wants to reach both the Latin American and European markets through a fresh and contagious musical proposal. In the song We find the participation of the well-known Latin rafter Manny Montes. The song anticipates the release of the new record work scheduled for 2017


After the launch of the single “A tu lado” comes the “Latido de Amor” album, which contains eleven songs from latin pop. The artist has been able to express his talent to the maximum, specializing media and great artists and personalities of the show, who were able to hear the original timbrica and the positive energy.


In the 2019 comes out “I Want To Know What Love is” a cover of the 80’s popular hit-single from the band Foreigner, featuring the finalist of “The Voice 2018” Beatrice Pezzini and the participation of big names like Vinnie Colaiuta, Abraham Laboriel, Michael Landau and also the Gospel choir: “Big Soul Mama”.  The song is produced by Danilo Riotto for JD Music.Inc.