Davi Wornel was born in Reggio Calabria (Italy) on May 3, 1979. He is a singer, composer and music producer. He began his international career in the Latin American scene of contemporary Christian music, gospel and later in the commercial scene of the pop soul rock and Latin genre. Over the years he has performed numerous pieces written by authors such as Juan Gabriel, Emilio Estefan, Kike Santander. He has dueted with important names such as Claude Mcknight (Take Six), Ivana Spagna, Lucia Mendez, John Schlitt (Petra), Kim Keyes. Musicians such as Vinnie Colaiuta, Abraham Laboriel, Michael Landau, Phil Palmer, Phil Maidera, Jerry Mcpherson, Marcello Surace, Carmelo Labate, Max Rosati participated in his record productions.

At the age of eight he participated in the musical (Il Ballo del Qua Qua) by Al Bano and Romina. The following year he attended a modern dance course with Federica Ferrari, founder of the National Academy of Dance in Rome. Thanks to his keen sensitivity for music, he began studying classical guitar with a private teacher.

Subsequently the passion for rock was born: in 1996 he formed a band called Warriors together with a group of friends, with whom until 2001 he toured many countries (squares and universities) to spread a message of hope through music. In 2001, upon the dissolution of the Warriors group, he moved to Rome, where he volunteered for the fire brigade. During his stay in the capital, he attended the U.M (University of Music) a singing course with teacher Elizabeth Sabine, known for having followed many artists such as Axl Rose (Guns’n’Roses), Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Michael Sweet (Stryper) and many others.

In 2004 he met record producer Joshua W Hernández and began his musical career. In December 2004 his first single “Il Centurione” was released, an unreleased song written by Michele Maggi and Ciferri Rosita.

The single in Italian has been so successful that it occupies the first places in the rankings, reaching second place in Argentina and third place in the Christian Music genre rankings in the United States. “Il Centurione” anticipates the release of his first Spanish album “Uno Contigo” produced by Joshua W Hernandez. In January 2005 the Italian version “Uno con Te” was published.

In the same year Davi embraces a humanitarian cause for the protection of minors, becomes testimonial of the Onlus Bambini ancora and for the occasion publishes the single Il bambino che eri tu written by Luca Maggiore.

The same year, Davi abbraccia a humanitarian cause for the protection of minors, ed è convertivo como sponsor della onlus Children still e per l’occasione publica il bambino Il bambino sei stato scritto da Luca Maggiore.

On 12 June he produced the album “Musica e Vita” produced by Abraham Bannister. The disc is a collection of songs that have marked Latin American Christian Music, songs by various famous artists but made in Italian for the occasion, just to name a few.”Solo l’amore, Nascosto in te, Ti prometto”

In March 2007 the single “Bendice tu enemigos” was released, a traditional Latin theme, a mix between merengue and cumbia, written together with the Cuban composer Frank Marcos and arranged by the Latin American singer-songwriter Gustavo Lima, former leader of the Los Il Iracundos group.

Then comes the single “So che ci sei” with a melodic rock flavor and sees the participation of names such as Vinnie Colaiuta, Abraham Laboriel, Max Rosati

The single “Bendice Tu Enemigo” anticipates the release of the album “No Te Cambiaria”, an album in Spanish. On 23 March he participated for the first time in the Latin American Telemarathon with the single “El Centurion”, starting in the New Proposals category, reaching the final.

In April he was invited as a special in Hollywood to the charity event “La Cenas de las Estrella” organized by Association Humanity. In May he is invited to participate in the Expolit Festival in Miami.

In October 2007 Daniel Goodman will contact him to create the single “Oh Happy Day” in a pop funk version, the song will be included in the compilation The Mercy Project-Christmas 2007 distributed by Sony Music. On May 23, 2008, Gary Norman invited him to New York as a special guest on the “Family Christian Network” program in a program, accompanied by a benefit concert, to defend women’s rights.

In August 2009, Mexican producer Mario Quintero released a pop dance song, “Amor y nada mas”.

On 20 September 2012 the collaboration with singer John Schlitt, leader of the rock group Petra, considered among the best rock groups of Christian music, was born, with whom he recorded “Praise The Lord” (Gloria al Senor). In the song they played: Michael Landau, Marcello Surace, Saverio Garipoli, Mario Guarini.

In September 2013 he was invited to the “Festival di Venezia” with the Mexican actress Lucía Méndez for the presentation of the film “Intrepido” by Gianni Amelio, Antonio Albanese.

On January 12 of the same year, Davi Wornel met Claude Mcknight, leader of the Take Six group, their friendship led them to create a duet “Up Where We Belong”, theme of the film “Gentleman Officer” the song was a tribute to Joe Cocker.

His stay in Italy led him to the creation of a new single “A tu lado”, a Latin pop song with which he also wants to reach the European market. In the song we find the participation of the Puerto Rican rapper Manny Montes. The single precedes the release of the new album “Latido de Amor”, an album that contains 11 songs from the melodic pop rock genre with Latin influences.

On May 3 of the same year Davi comes out with the unreleased single “Te Amarè”, a song of the ballad genre with acoustic influences and through this single Davi Wornel wants to express his love for God. Te Amarè sees the participation of: Abraham Laboriel, Saverio Garipoli, Marcello Surace, Carmelo Labate, Ezio Scarciglia.

On 25 October 2022 the song “I Want To Know What Love Is” is released in all Digital Stores in duet with the famous singer Ivana Spagna. The song is meant to be a tribute to the band of Strangers. In this song, internationally renowned musicians performed: Vinnie Colaiuta, Abraham Laboriel, Michael Landau together with the gospel choir: Big Soul Mama.